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The Problem:

Starting pumps creates water turbulence; foreign materials (sand, rust, paint flakes, etc.) are dislodged and suspended in the water turbulence.  These materials travel throughout the center pivot sprinkler system and exit at the 3/4” outlets in the   pipeline.  If the particles are small enough they pass harmlessly out of the sprinkler nozzles.  If the particles are too big, or the nozzle orifice is too small, they fully or partially plug and stop or reduce the water flow at the head.  You then have to physically clean out the sprinkler head.  BEEN THERE : DONE THAT ??



E-Z Screens are plastic threaded disks that install at the 3/4” outlet to keep the   foreign material in the mainline pipe and out of the sprinkler heads so it can be flushed out at the end of the machine.  In most cases, more plugging problems     occur in the inner spans of the center pivot due to smaller nozzle sizes. E-Z Screens can be installed only in these problem spans, or throughout the entire system.  They are available in 3 different grid sizes.

E-Z Screens can be purchased as follows:

#1         The threaded disk only—to be screwed into a 3/4” coupler                 $2.60 ea.

#2         Mounted in a 3/4” steel coupler with a 3/4” close nipple                      $5.37 ea.

#3         Mounted in a 3/4” Senninger plastic coupler and close nipple           $4.35 ea.

#4         Mounted in a 180 degree Senninger plastic u-bend (gooseneck)      $5.64 ea.

#5         Mounted in a 125 degree single Senninger plastic gooseneck          $5.25 ea.

#6         Mounted in a 125 degree double Senninger plastic gooseneck         $5.90 ea.


Note: Lightweight foreign material that floats (moss, grass, weeds, etc.) that exists in surface water is difficult to handle.  Some success has been achieved installing the E-Z Screen in the top of the pressure regulator at the bottom of a drop pipe .  Foreign material is stopped before it can enter the regulator or sprinkler head.  It is much easier to periodically unscrew the regulator and clear out the foreign material than it is to try and dig it out of the regulator and sprinkler head after it is plugged.



—Screen Location #6

Screen Location #3 —

Screen Location #5 —

—Screen Location #2

—Screen Location #4


Sprinkler Pipe



        #1 Threaded Disk Only

3 Different Sizes to Accommodate

All Nozzle Sizes and Flow Rates

US Patent #7,032,834

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